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Knowledge about Cable Ties

Hello there! Have you seen this video?
If not, let’s take a look….

The video shows a muscular man who ties cable ties to his arm and easily loose them by flexing his biceps. Most of the viewers might think how incredibly he is and/or, how weak the cable ties are! However, as a cable ties manufacturer with a knowledge and expertise of over 40 years in this business, we have something to clarify…
Firstly, we strongly NOT recommend testing the cable ties by hand. In order to get reliable test results, cable ties should be tested on an appropriate tensile strength testing machine, which will apply to a balanced stress level on
to the cable ties - testing both the weight it can hold as well as their elongation achieved.
Secondly, if you are interested in workouts you will understand that for a guy like him, whose muscles are trained and strong, it is quite easy to lift more than 20kg. Well, the cable ties he used, seem to be around 4.8mm wide. We have, of course, similar cable ties in our product range in a large variety of lengths! The tensile strength for this width of 4.8mm is approx. 22.2 kg.
Lastly, and funny enough, no matter how many cable ties you apply on to an object, it does not change or add up the individual tensile strength of each cable tie!
In his case, he maybe should have tried cable ties measured 7.6mm or 9.0mm in width and with tension of 54.5 / 79.0 kg and throw away dumbbells….
We are glad for the opportunity to share some basic knowledge about cable ties with you!
If you have any questions or would like to make an inquiry, we are here for you - as strong as ever!


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